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Computer skills

Computer skills refer to the ability to use the software and hardware of a computer. Being "computer functional" is usually what is meant by one with computer skills; computer literacy is only really evident in advanced computer skills.
They include:
Basic computer skills
  • Knowing how to switch on the computer
  • Being able to use a mouse to interact with elements on the screen
  • Being able to use the computer keyboard
  • Being able to shut down the computer after use
Intermediate skills
  • Functional knowledge of word processing.
  • How to use e-mail
  • How to use Spreadsheets
  • How to use Databases
  • How to use the Internet
  • Installing software
  • Installing an operating system
  • Navigating a computer's filesystem.
Advanced skills include
  • Programming
  • Use of a computer for scientific research
  • Fixing software conflicts
  • Repairing computer hardware
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